GSA IT MAS Schedule


GSA IT MAS Schedule is the largest, most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government. GSA IT MAS Schedule delivers federal, state, and local customer agencies the tools and expertise needed to shorten procurement cycles, ensure compliance, and obtain the best value for innovative technology products, services, and solutions.

Contract Details:

Sponsor Agency: General Services Administration (GSA).

GSA IT MAS Schedule, SIN 54151S Information Technology Professional Services
Contract Number: 47QTCA19D00EX
Period of Performance: through July 7, 2024
Geographic Coverage: Government-Wide
DUNS Numbers: 173359709

GSA has awarded MaxiSoft a GSA contract under IT MAS Schedule, SIN 54151S. With proven background in providing services under information technology and cyber security, MaxiSoft is focused on delivery quality services to various federal agencies under this GSA contract.

The scope of GSA IT MAS Schedule, SIN 54151S includes:

  • Resources and facilities management
  • Database planning and design
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Automated information systems design and integration services
  • IT network services
  • Programming, data conversion and implementation support
  • IT network services project management
  • Data / records management services

The features and benefits offered by GSA IT MAS Schedule:

Using MaxiSoft’s GSA IT MAS Schedule, federal agencies, as well as civilian, state, and local organizations, can maximize budgets, and reduce buying cycles by up to 50 percent over open market.

When using GSA IT MAS Schedule to acquire the professional services, agencies can:

  • Use simplified acquisition procedures to issue a Request for Quotation (RFQ) using either your agency’s solicitation system or GSA’s eBuy solicitation system, or issue an RFQ directly to contractors using your agency’s procedures.
  • Allow unique Contractor Team Arrangements to bring a wide variety of industry partners to the negotiating table.
  • Customize terms and conditions in task orders – or through Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) – to meet specific requirements.
  • Be assured that required FAR terms and conditions are incorporated into the contract.
    – Ensure adequate participation by small businesses, including setting aside RFQs for various socioeconomic subgroups.
  • Save time by using the streamlined procurement procedures of FAR Subpart 8.4.

BPAs are innovative vehicles for satisfying agency‐wide acquisition requirements. BPAs are established to fill recurring needs and can be agency‐specific or apply to multiple agencies for requirements consolidation. The advantages of a BPA are:

  • Reduced administrative costs and time
  • Potential for additional quantity discounts
  • Funds not obligated unless an order is placed against the BPA
  • Orders can be of any size, and made at any frequency
  • No “best value” selection requirements for each order
  • The timelines to make an award under the GSA contract can be as little as three business days


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